In the night garden toys

    Am looking for new toys for my niece for her birthday and she is a big itng fan. She already has the little characters and a few plush ones.. the pinky ponk and a hahoo cushion. Anyone seen anything else on offer..was looking for a pontipine too..anyone seen them in the shops anywhere? thanks for help..rep to all


    How old will she be? How much you wanting to spend?


    Home & Bargain has the quilt sets? Either £8.99 or £9.99.

    Lauren adores in the night garden too and I've found ]Argos to have a great selection

    Argos has quite a few cool things, including an upsy daisy fold out chair for £15.


    my sister got our little one a upsy-daisy costume - lol she loved it!

    about a tenna I think from ELC or was it from Asda? I can't remember - pm me if your interested and I'll ask her where she got it from.

    [COLOR="Purple"]i have a brand new blanket time igglepiggle £30 delivered..[/COLOR]

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    [COLOR="Purple"]i have a brand new blanket time igglepiggle £30 … [COLOR="Purple"]i have a brand new blanket time igglepiggle £30 delivered..[/COLOR]

    i paid £9 or so for mine from boots.

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    thanks guys..she will be 2.
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