In true Taasda style ? Thursday teatime chuckle.

Daughter sent me this, I'm sure it's doing the usual internet email circuit but I thought it a little funnier than the norm.

Headline says : Workmen outside an Irish Bar clearing up after installing bollards.


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Saw this posted on here a while ago - I spotted the mistake straight away but a few friends/family didnt notice

I have not seen it before and it made me laugh....Thank you :thumbsup::-D


i dont get it:?

ok i do now, before you all rush to explain:p

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ooops, sorry folks. missed it first 10 times .................d'oh

Lol :-D

so stewpid. lol made me laff.


so stewpid. lol made me laff.

It's a fake.

what do u call that manouver when a 4 wheel car goes vertical on 2 wheels --- wheelie?


It's a fake.

Yep I spotted that the first time it was posted

sorry to burst the bubble, but it's very cleverly photoshopped, blurring around the post is a giveaway!
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