In wall speakers for living room

Found 29th Dec 2009
morning everyone!!!
after a bit of info if anyone can help out.

looking to decorate the living room in january but whilst doing it i am tempted to install some in wall speakers instead of my surround sound kit which never gets used! (there a bit of a mess cos the cat eats em for attention)
i have seen speakers on ebay/amazon etc... but just wondered if anyone one new what a pretty good minimum spec would be??? don't want em to sound naff after ive just destroyed the wall in the living room.

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nice one ta for that will give it a try
hyperfi sell custom install KEFs - not cheap but should be good :-D
we have the kef egg speakers in our lounge, when we had the place replastered we just chased in the speaker cables before hand and now just have the little black speakers sitting on the walls, no wires no stands and very small brackets, they look very neat and sound really good.
Loving the comment about the cat eating them for attention!!

That is sooooo true where I am as well!

Very funny!!!


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