in your honest oppinion who's better quidco or top cash back?

Found 5th Oct 2016
No point in having 2 accounts it's confusing me and I'm missing out on savings.... I hear top cash back is no1 so il ask you guys before I make a decision. .. thank you have a blessed day everyone


I prefer quidco but that's only because it was the first one I discovered!

I think top cash back is better it pays quicker and easier to use

Quidco. First one I joined,even though I now have TCB always go to Quidco first.

No real preference, I haven't noticed much of a difference in payment times and have had a few cases of cashback being rejected for no logical reason with both.

Have both, and as few mentioned, prefer tcb as I opened that one first.
That said, think they're almost the same.

TCB have paid out less, and tracked less when compared to quidco in my experience.

I have both, but I use Quidco as I find them easy to use, and cashback is quicker. Plus I have the option to use livechat if I have any problems (only pay £5 a year for the privilege)

Try both and see which works for you. I prefer quidco as I hardly ever have issues with tracking but ton tcb always see issues though a friend sees the opposite.

Quidco for me. Forever having to raise claims with TCB.

topcashback has always paid out. quidco has refused 1 claim I believed to be legitimate. both seem to take a good while to pay out, relies a lot on the supplier. both seem to offer approximately the same value for the same supplier except for a few things.

therefore, on my experience, topcashback, but others may be different.

Quidco have been far more reliable for me, Topcashback never tracked :(.

Topcashback tend to have better rates and I've found them much more reliable with tracking when compared to Quidco
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Been with both since their inception - noticed of the past 2 years that TCB are less reliable and their customer service is populated by mindless automatons.

TCB for me but use both. Also pay the £5 for plus membership for better rates. The £5 gets taken from your earnings so don't even miss it.
Wish you could link it to your bank card or PayPal because I do forget sometimes.

I use TCB more. Not a single issue with over £400+ paid.

For me I always open up Firefox which runs with no addons like ad blockers and then I run through TCB to buy what I need. Never had any issues with anything not tracking this way.

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thanks guys looks like broad as it's long on average


thanks guys looks like broad as it's long on average

Are you off on one again?

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I have both I mean il use both the opinions are too even

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Are you off on one again?

​No idea what you are talking about?

i perfer Quidco, the live chat feature is far better than just submitting a support ticket. They have also paid out money in advance once it has been confirmed by the retailer, rather than me having to wait for the retailer to pay out whenever

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Am starting to see quidco tracks immediately I prefer it too. am a newbie. am keeping tcb though as some retailers ain't on quidco and visa versa.
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