In2thebasket - Bad Company

I thought it would be a good idea to let other people know about my experience so that it may prevent this from happening to them.

I ordered an item from this online retailer for the first. They took money from credit card on the same day and 4 days later, they emailed me to say the item I ordered was out of stock and gave me the following options:-

1. get a refund (although the amount they mentioned did not include the delivery charge); or

2. pick an alternative item.

I was not happy especially when I lost the chance to buy it from elsewhere so I sent them a stroppy email. The result - did not even get a response and no refund as yet.

I have had to call my credit card company to intervene.

Talk about bad service and I have only just found out that the retailer is a part of the littlewoods company.

I certainly won't be shopping with them ever again even if they give the item to me free of charge.



no suprise, all shop direct companies, littlewoods, additions, very and now this one, are all dodgy, and steal money and give the runaround for refunds, leading to get your card company to chargeback

you are lucky they emailed you to tell you out of stock for me, they just let me wonder why my delivery day didnt happen and did nothing

this is why they seem to trade under so many names, as they know people are trying to avoid buying from them.
This site perpetuates the thievery by always putting up a constant stream of vouchers

I also had to do this a while back, and did the chargeback as they could not be bothered to deal with a refund for sending nothing

avoid this company like the plague, bunch of thieves.

I havn't had any probs with littlewoods group, but have with int2thebasket. They didn't even have the courtesy to tell me my item was out of stock and i waited for delivery. Finally calling them 2 weeks later. They refunded after 10 days.

I too wouldn't use them again.

Not a good experience to have had. Good luck with it all.
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