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    My girlfriend gets incapacity benefit as she has arthritis. Her last two payments have not appeared. there have been no letters or phonecalls saying that it was goin to stop. is there anyone here who gets this and did not recieve the payment? shes worried silly for no reason at all i think, but it would be good if i could hear some other people are in the same boat i.e. just a late payment. thanks in advance


    Wouldn't it not be easier to contact the appropriate authorities about it?

    not just easier but more precise, every individual claim is different and dependant on personal circumstances so its best to call

    has she missed any interviews or anything?

    Call your jobcentre plus office and ask them why, has she been having to provide GP certificates or had to attend a DWP medical?

    There are so many reasons this may have happened, only way to find the answer is to call them and ask.

    Benefit can be stopped without giving notice. When I was on income support they stopped payment and when I asked why I was told they'd had a report that I was a full time student therefor not entitled to it and it was up to me to prove otherwise.

    I worked for the DWP and you need to call the processing centre they will tell you the reason it could be any number of reasons that i couldn't start to explain without knowing all the ins and outs.
    Call in the morning and it will get sorted 0845 6094904

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    shes been in the hospital for the past two weeks so she did not find out until today that the payments were missed. there has been no phonecalls or letters asking for info or asking her to attend any sort of medical/interview. she only found out at 6 this evening so the office was closed. sorry for the questions but she is very nervous and worried about it. thank you for your replies

    I work for the DWP. They would only stop your payments if your med certs have expired, failed to attend a medical, failed to return an IB50 or they have suspended your payments if mail has been returned etc.

    There are various reasons but the best people to tell you whats happening is them, give them a call at the first opportunity. Their telephone lines should be open again tomorrow at 9am.

    If they have issued payments and its not credited your account you may also need to contact your bank to get written confirmation that the payments are not there. The IB advisor will be able to tell you if that is required.

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    thank you bingo, that is great info. as she has had the arthritis for 15 years now they said 3 years ago they did require anything to certify the illness.

    i used to get it for a long time for arthritis too (im 23). if it has been around a year mabye just over a year you have been claiming IB then you need to go for another interview to see if your faking, it starts as a questionaire then a interview i missed the interview and got put on jsa, long story short im in work found job i can handle.
    has ur g/f tried aloe vera jucie and glucosimine they work for me. :thumbsup:
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