InCar Dash Cam - worth investing?

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Found 25th Aug 2012
Thinking about buying an in-car dash camera from fleabay just wondering if anybody has one and if they have been useful in accidents etc.

here is a link to a cheap version just not sure what quality would be like…423

a company called roadhawk make a gps enabled one which is much much more expensive although there are a number of videos the company have uploaded to youtube showing crashes in which the driver would possibly have been blamed when as the clips show it was not his/her fault e.g.…9MQ

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Got a PVR app on my phone, records video and GPS in HD selected it to not record audio to save on memory. Can take 32Gb micro SD too.


looking at that video, yeah great angle though. Must be a great example of when a rear end is not the driver behind at fault.

I've got one, I find it useful for obtaining images of taxis blocking the road, and idiot coach drivers who seem to believe traffic lights don't apply to them.

Fortunately I've not been in an accident. Mine also mounts to bicycle handlebars, so great for recording bike rides in the country.

But you get what you pay for, so don't expect much for £20.
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