Inclacs fake website?

Posted 20th Feb
Just saw this Dyson deal on the Black Friday app and searched the website and everyone says it’s fake, it’s a very new site so has anyone had any positive experiences

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Recent reviews on Trustpilot would have me steering well clear of this site -…com

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Shows a residential address with no contact info. T&Cs state a Limited Company but that doesn't exist at Companies House.

As I said above, i'd personally not order from this merchant.
With a contact postcode that doesn't exist? Good luck.
The Dummy Latin on the Contact Us page. The Shipping and Returns page who is Quincy Mae? Then it mentions California shipping tax. Returns Policy states: Return Policy Published 10/28/2014 03:41 PM | Updated 05/10/2017 09:35 AM, so nothing since ie copied from elsewhere. You have to send returns to the residential address mentioned above, but then it says you can go to a store to return.

Yes, stay well away!
Thanks guys I’ve reported it on the other app
39945049-LRkDc.jpgDoesnt look like they can make a site either
I saw a”deal” couple days ago at Inclacs. I did some digging and concluded that it’s a fake site. Too good to be true...
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