Incorrect name on my airline ticket.

    I recently purchase tickets to India with the family, as my son is 6 months i was ordering the a cot for him on the flight. While i was speaking to arrange this with Air India i found out that for both me and my son, they have our middle names as surnames. I have rang Air India and they want me to purchase new tickets. Can anybody help??


    Who booked it and what method? Ie did u do it yorself online or did a travel agent do it?
    If travel agent done it its their fault so they pay for the error and rectify. If you did it, have a look at your T&cs to see how much it is for a name change ammendment. No way should you need to book new tickets

    Factors in this may also include when it was booked and when due to travel. Ie if you booked it a while ago and have received confirmation with a summary of details your supposed to check this and rectify any errors immediatley. However if its newly booked then you should be allowed to rectify asap but may inccur a charge as above,

    You need to establish who's fault it is.

    Different airlines have different rules, and you need new tickets. This could cost someone a LOT of money.

    B.A used to charge £275 for mistakes like this.

    I think you may be well burgered. I seem to remember an item in the Times about something like this, and if the error is yours, you are going to have to pay to get it put right. Did you provide the information on the Web or did you do it on the phone?

    i used to work in travel and on booking the agent should reiterate all names as per passport details and any booking centre should have done this while you were on the phone, if booked over the phone. if you did an online booking then it is your responsibility to check all details before confirming booking. as pointed out above tickets all have different fare rules and a name ammendment may not be poss so if you are at fault you would have to purchase new tickets
    hope this helps

    Why give them a middle name?...I never do.
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