Indesit ID60G2R Grill Issue

Found 8th Jun

Wondered if anyone is clued up on cookers.. Basically, I bought the Indesit ID60G2R just over a year ago & the grill is a right PITA to get going. Sometimes it can light straight away or sometimes after a minute, you can let go off the gas button and it goes straight out, very hit & miss.

Phoned Indesit up, last month, just before it was out of warranty (parents dealt with it) but apparently they wanted a fee to send someone out, so it never got sorted.

Would anyone happen to have an idea what could be the cause of it being temperamental? Did some googling but can't really see anything similar, most results are grills not working.

thanks in advance for replies!
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Is there a spark when you hold ignition button down? If not could be that.
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