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Posted 19th Apr
Thinking of investing the pensions pot into funds as it seems good oppurtunity to do so.
Can anyone recommend UK/US funds/ETF’s etc?
I’ll do the due diligence but wanted to know what people are investing in?
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Easiest would be low cost index trackers.

For managed stuff vanguard/lindsell train
What mas99 said, i use Vanguard as they are normally cheaper.

However check your employer pension first, some match up to a certain percentage, some allow salary sacrifice etc...
These are just suggestions, not advice. As we don't know much about your circumstances or what you're trying to achieve they may be totally unsuitable. If you are unsure of anything speak to a professional adviser.

Lots of choice with Vanguard;-
Lifestrategy 20/40/60/80/100
Target Retirement (insert year)

HSBC Global Strategy (similar to Lifestrategy)

Or for something more actively managed;
Lindsell Train

Obviously your equity exposure should be appropriate to your time remaining before retirement.

For a bit more research try or the Morningstar UK YouTube channel.
I’ve just transferred my pension to Moneybox and put it in the Fidelity Index World Fund
a sub-fund of Fidelity Investment Funds P Accumulation Shares (ISIN: GB00BJS8SJ34)

The fund has dropped nearly 25% due to the virus so thought I’d transfer back in March. It’s now back up to £1.83 since I transferred which is still lower than it was but in the right direction, in one week alone a few thousand was added on to my pot because of this.
Look up as well.
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