Indian call centre scammers are targeting BT customers • The Register

Found 6th Sep 2017
Indian call centre scammers are targeting BT customers • The Register

"BT customers in the UK have been targeted by scammers in India – with one person reporting they were defrauded for thousands of pounds this week.

The issue appears to have been going on for more than a year. Some customers said the fraudsters knew their personal details.

One reader got in touch to report that his father-in-law has been having problems with his BT broadband, which he contacted the company about.

This week he got a call from someone asking for him by name, talking about his broadband problems. This individual claimed he had malware on his computer and said he need to access his machine via a third-party client.

"Within the hour he had over £1,000 in two payments from his bank account. Fortunately Lloyds stepped in on the second larger payment and stopped it progressing," said his son-in-law, who asked not to be named."
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I find it particularly annoying when my ISP and mobile phone network provider ring me out of the blue and then ask ME for my account password in order to continue the conversation.

WTF - you phoned me me mate!
I've had over 2 years of scammers calling me from "talktalk" after they got hacked.

My advice to anyone suffering the same, change your number. It's a big hassle to do that but it is easier to change it, than put up with the stupid relentless idiots that try to get you to hand over control of your computer remotely.

They will not stop. Even though you know about the scam and tell them, they are not intelligent enough to think that they are wasting their time calling you. Partner is a carer and the scammers are calling elderly people with no router or computer so their scam can't work anyway - they still ring again and again. Call blocking won't work - they use different numbers every week.

Change your number.
Oh cmon, this is the oldest scam in the internet book.
Talk talk have stopped using the indian call centres for faults, its now in Nigeria.
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