Indian man sends 182,689 SMS messages in one month

    Guy sends 182,689 SMS in one month

    Indian man sends 182,689 SMS messages in one month

    Posted May 11, 2005, 4:32 PM ET by Ryan Block

    File this under asinine and absurd along with the cellphone throwing contest: Deepak Sharma went on record with the Guinness Book for having sent the most SMS messages in a single month: 182,689. Were not sure if thats total, or unique messages, but if youd like us to break that down for you, thats about 6,100 messages a day, 253 an hour, 4.2 a minute, or a new one every 14 seconds or so. So basically this guy gave up a month of his life sending textsway to go, dude. His other reward? A 1,411 page bill (dont worry, he has an unlimited texting plan)compare that to, say, Joyces Ulysses (speaking of Guinness books aw come on!), which is a mere 780 some-odd pages, though every bit as difficult to read through.

    It looks like we have a new record here, close to 200'000 text messages sent in a single month.

    Web News India reports that a gentleman from Ludhiana (India) found a unique way for getting his name registered in the Guinness Book of World Records. He sent 182,689 SMS in one month.

    That makes 6000 text messages a day.

    Deepak Sharma aims to increase the number to 300,000 in the coming month.

    Deepak sends messages to all his relatives and friends, who fortunately, fully support in his endeavour.

    His wireless operator, Airtel, sent him a 1,411 page bill.

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