Indirectly buy Steam credit via mobile billing?

Found 6th Jul 2015
Is there an indirect way of buying Steam Wallet top-ups or Steam credit using your mobile balance to pay?

I know you can't do it directly (like you can for PSN or Google Play) so is there some sort of third party online "wallet" or service that you can top-up with your mobile (PAYG) balance, and then use THAT account to buy Steam credit. I thought maybe Game Wallet, but I don't think you can top that up from your PAYG credit.

I'm asking because I have EE / T-Mobile Credit I transferred from Orange (because they refused to refund my PAYG account credit to me in cash when I switched away from Orange) and I'm not wasting it on calls etc. I suppose it might also be useful for those 99p sim cards (with £5 free EE credit) from Ebay
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