Individual Stuffed Crust on BBQ American not getting charged @ UberEats

Posted 28th Feb
Hi all, first post here so be gentle.
(any thing I must change or link to, just let me know)

When ordering from Uber Eats @ PizzaHut Restaurant, I normally upgrade my individual pizzas for stuffed crust, which normally charges £2.50 for an individual.

However, I've noticed it doesn't charge extra for the BBQ Americano, which is a nice surprise. It does charge on all the others, except this one?! Maybe an unnoticed glitch?

Anyway, not much of a 'deal', but it's nice to know that you can get a bit extra for your money Not sure for how long, though...

Go to UberEats UK // Select restaurant // Select PizzaHUT Restaurant // Select your BBQ Americano // Individual // Upgrade for Stuffed Crust for free

So instead of £14.89, I'm paying £12.39.…iw/

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You're paying way too much for your pizza.
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