Indoor Freeview Aerials

    What would you recommend? are there any decent ones on the market?

    I will be using it in Exeter with a computer Tv tuner if that makes a difference.

    Many thanks


    go to see what they have to offer??

    The only time I have had any luck with an indoor aerial and a usb type tuner is also using one of those plug in amplifiers. Even then I didn't get all the stations.

    Wouldnt bother op, even with the best indoor ariels and signal boosters there never good enough to pick up freeview tbh, we tried for tv upstairs , gave up in the end and paid someone to run multiple leads from outside ariel to bedrooms , thats was only option in the end for us !

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    Cheers everyone thought that'd be the case.:(

    I have a 99p one i bought from a hardware store circa '95 and it picks up Freeview fine. I must be pretty close to the antenna. Come to think about it no-one in my street or the adjacent streets have outdoor aerials.


    I live in a poor-ish signal area and the supplied 6" aerials won't pick up anything but I got this flat aerial

    and it works surprisingly well. Certainly better than the 2 set-top aerials we tried (the ones that look like a mini version of roof top ones).

    I have mine on my desk, held up by one of those picture holders with an alligator clip.

    Might not work but for $6 worth a shot.

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    Cheers Dave will give it a shot for $6 you can't go wrong
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