induction Range Advice Please!

    Hi. We are looking at buying a induction range (ceramic too slow and we have no gas) and have been looking at Rangemaster and Stoves. After a 1000mm one around £1500 but Rangemaster are more than this. Stoves seem to have mixed reviews and Belling seem the same. Anyone have any advice or experience using/buying ?



    A Tip: Buy one with individual ring controls (preferably touch sliders), as the ones with a single heat control where you first have to choose a ring, then set a level individually from a single set of controls, are a nightmare to use

    Don't restrict yourselves to Stoves or Rangemaster, go and look at ranges and hobs/ovens. We have Miele but they are separate (hob and oven). We don't have gas and have an induction hob and electric/fan oven.

    Don't worry about buying expensive pans either, if your pans are magnetic on the base they will work on induction. If not, buy a good set of stainless steel pans and they will see you through.

    I've had a Bosch since they first came out... it still looks and works as good as the day we got it... as the previous comment DONT restrict yourself to those 2 brands

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    Thanks for your advice. Andynet, Windym and M4rky2011. I will try not to be restrictive! it can't be a hob unfortunately because of the kitchen itself it needs to be a range.'Which?' gives cr.p advice (although over £7 TCB for the £1 trial!) and we are a bit stumped with the makes. Belling seems to be not as good as they once were and Leisure are a little bit too cheap looking and we have no idea about the others as they seem to have mixed reviews! We will keep hunting! PS good tip about the contorls Andymet!

    Can you not just use bottled gas?

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    No. Bottle gas not an option.

    Hope your zip is non ferrous zippy
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