Found 29th Aug 2012
Afternoon All -

Had a discussion earlier today and was told most "Strong" weedkillers are now band due to the chemicals in them.

We are wanting to buy some heavy duty weedkiller to spray around our Cricket Club - we have bought one of those back pack pump sprayers and we want some of the good stuff to kill back the 4 foot high weeds - can anyone recommend any good products - im told the standard B and Q stuff isnt really that strong.
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Try this stuff, if you can get hold of it,

Clinic Ace Concentrated Glyphosate Weedkiller - 360g/L
The person doing the spraying should know what to buy.
Btw, a couple of points. Strong glyphosate is no better than weak glyphosate, once its 'correctly' mixed it's all the same. Glyphosate won't be that effective on 4ft high weeds, it's method of action is based on strongly growing plants. At 4ft they're probably near the end of their growth cycle. Finally, if you do use it say goodbye to the grass in the area if the wind catches the spray
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You need a paraffin flame thrower. Burn down the huge weeds, treat the ground with normal weed killer afterwards.
Or put some effort into it and get ripping the weeds out.
Lidl have a propane gas weedkiller in this week for £14.99.
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