Inexpensive Tablet for a 5 year old?

Posted 27th Nov
Looking for one for Christmas, I see a few negatives mentioned about the Kids amazon tablet, are there any alternatives?
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No way would i gift a tablet to a five year old. Give them something else instead, preferably something without a screen.
He already uses his Mum's iPad and I'm not really one to judge...
You could get them an iPad Mini 2 or 3 secondhand. My kids have had them since they were 3.
No scratches or cracks. Always had a protector and case on.

Lots of educational apps available in the App Store.
amazon fire all the way £29.99
dont bother anything else and get a rubber case with folding handle few quid on ebay

also sideload google play store vids on youtube
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If they are used to ipads, just get an older one of them. Ours have had them nearing 5 years now and they still work as well as they did when we got them. The numerous Kindles all grided to a halt.
amazon 10" hd fire tablet only £94.00 at the moment .......
My 3 year old has used my sons old mini 3 since she wasn’t even 1. This Christmas though she’s getting a mini 5. The iPad mini is great for kids and so easy to use.
My girls 6 and 9 have iPad 2018 and iPad Air

They love they and are so easy to use .
my dog has a mac
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