"Infamous" HP Laptop Left Hinge Failure

Found 20th Jan 2011
Basically my HP laptop was struck down by this last night. Left hinge is now bust, along with both sides of the screen casing. Fortunately the screen itself is undamaged.

I did a bit of research today online and found that this is a pretty common fault, along with faulty Nvidia GPU's installed in alot of HP kit.

I also researched the SOGA, and I reckon I have a strong case for at the very minimum a repair. This is down to the fact that HP carried out a "recall" program some time ago for the very same fault, which in my eyes (rightly or wrongly) implies some form of admission of guilt.

Has anyone else pursued their retailer ?(Currys in this case - yes I know!) for a similar problem? Any pointers as to where I can find a decent template to write to them?

All help appreciated!
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let me know if you do i have a hp ok at the mo but worth knowing just in case
I had a problem with the graphic chip on my samsung laptop and found that was a common problem (was informed on here)so rung samsung and they sorted it out eventually (gave me a brand new laptop), so instead of currys suggest you contact hp direct.All i will say is I have dealt with hp before and they were by far the worst company i have had the misfortune to deal with and will never buy hp again so rude there call centre was in South Africa so good luck.
i have a hp presario and the right (as you look at it) hinge broke making the plastic screen front start to bend. my dad bought a pair of hinges off ebay for £12 and fixed it pretty quicky. I dont know how much the front screen part would be, but thought I would let you know it was an option if hp wont fix for you its not a greatly difficult thing to do yourself quite cheaply.
good luck though
What's the age of the laptop?

TBH, Dell has a far worse problem with hinges (along with power supplies and batteries) but i haven't heard of any success stories there.
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