Inflatable Cricket Set

    Looking for an inflatable cricket set similar to this one:…1-1

    Already own one but I broke it and lost the ball, want another one


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    i had a look and i cant find one anywhere, can you remember where you had it from?

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    I got it for xmas, it was from Debenhams apparently, they've nothing on their website, I'm gutted

    ive looked and cant find anything either, all i can find is plastic ones

    I have looked at many sites that sell gadgets/boys toys etc and have also had no luck in finding one,I'm afraid:-(

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    ah, thank you both anyway, was worth a shot

    no i thought i saw some in morrisons but they two were plastic:-(

    I have looked cant find any

    to be honest if cant find on on internet and 3-4 peopele cant mite be very hard to get one mite want to try ebay

    ive looked on ebay and cant see them on there either

    Looks like a great fun product - I hear that the England squad have finished with thier kit, make them an offer.
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