Info about 16-25 Railcard (formerly Young Persons Railcard)

    So my girlfriend got one, but it happened to be useless

    She travels to work Monday to Friday going 7am and coming back 3pm. From Maryland to Liverpool Street in London using National Express East Anglia (formerly One Railway)

    She was told she can not get any discount, because she travels before 10am or something like that.

    So is there any way she can save 1/3 on rail fares by buying a weekly or monthly card? Any loopholes or anything?

    I just want to make her happy.
    Any help is much appreciated.
    Thank you in advance.


    Afraid not - the discount after 10am has been a condition of the YPRC since as long as I remember. Buying a weekly or monthly pass usually does work out a lot cheaper, the downside being that you pay for it up front. [url][/url] did have a season ticket calculator a while ago, if you look there for it it might tell you how much she'd save.

    They're not very interested in giving commuters discounts on single tickets unfortunately!

    EDIT: Here's the link:…sts

    A 7-day ticket will be: £19

    A month ticket will be: £73

    As it is peak time the first half of the journey wont be discounted, but if you buy 2 singels then the trip at 3 pm should be ok to be discounted I think .

    Good luck


    For July & August you can use it any time of the day... no Minimum fare...…-1/
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