info about hard drive upgrade for laptop

    on my laptop hard drive i have a trojan or virus thats causing no end of problem s ive ran several antivirus scans spy ware scans et c using 6 different programs even an online one at eset so im thinking of using it as an excuse to upgrade the hardrive

    i have a few questions
    1)what can i do with all my music/films i have about 40 gigs worth and some is irraplaceable

    also how do i get windows on the new hard drive my laptop provided me with a windows reset disc but i take it this is not a proper copy of windows and i dont have 200 something odd quid to buy a new copy

    if i were to get a portable one can i just transfer the files straight a cross reset windows on my current h/d then transfer them back

    and would resetiing windows get rid of the virus/trojan


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    not the music is of my cds records itunes

    If you were to clone the old hard drive onto the new one you would also transfer the virus across,If you have a recovery disc this should be all you need to reinstall windows on a new drive,To get you documents from your old drive you need to either fit it into another pc and copy the documents or get a usb enclosure and then copy the documents over,If you do this you will need to scan the old drive with a virus scanner before opening any documents,

    Have you tried running Malwarebytes ??

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    no how do i get that

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    how do i get malwarebytes


    how do i get malwarebytes…572

    not that this is gonna help, but having anything irreplaceable on your laptop is just mad. If it's irreplaceable you should have backups!
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