Info if you are 1 of 1.4mill who will owe tax (loophole)

    PAYE tax error: Workers urged to use loophole to avoid HMRC tax repayment demands
    Up to 1.4million workers facing demands from HM Revenue and Customs to repay money after they under-paid tax could use a loophole to avoid doing so, accountants have advised.

    If people provided HMRC with all the information they needed to get their tax code right and HMRC failed to do this, taxpayers can ask for an Extra Statutory Concession, also known as an ESC A19.



    I wish I was owed some

    Thanks Holly. I will look into this.

    So if those people that didn't pay enough can get out of it, does that mean that everyone else who paid the right amount can ask for some back?
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