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Just wanted to let people know that the sale section is not updated properly. If you go through the previous book (summer) and type in numbers of items you like, you may find some are in stock. It may be stock that people have returned after ordering loads of sale stuff. I've managed to order loads of items (including school uniforms) that are not listed on the sale section but come up at sale price :). Hope this helps someone get some bargains!


Hmmm I don't have the old there any way I can see it online?

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No the old items are not on there. Anything in particular you want-I can check my catalogue for you

Lol that's nice of you!...Any nice knitwear tops (with shirt included) in the Mens section? Thanks!

ahh ive thrown mine away!!!!

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Some numbers I've found but haven't checked:

Just type them into the quickshop section

Moved this to the misc forum, as it's just info rather than a deal in and of itself.


Some numbers I've found but haven't … Some numbers I've found but haven't checked:398-999384-195389-197407-903403-551403-051Just type them into the quickshop section

Thanks a lot, will check them now!

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I just checked the numbers and only one in stock of the numbers I gave you but worth getting hold of a catalogue if you can. Still some bargains to be had!

Awww what a lovely hukd'er! Rep left Wish I had a catalogue to check through!!! :lol:


anybody know when the next sale and the river island sales end in store?
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