Found 5th Jul 2008
quick question.
gunna buy dad a Nintendo DS for his birthday with brain training.
wanted to know if u can play MP3s or movies on the DS?
also any other cool little gadgets like Brain trainnig that oldies would like :)?



Yeah you can....

R4 does I know that but not sure what else

What about My Word Coach as a 'game'? There is also a crossword game if he's into that sort of thing ... can't rem the name of it, sorry

Scrabble 2007 is ace (and I'm not that old!). Cheapest is (and remember Quidco!)

I have a DS take it work, and have sun crosswords, and 42 all time classics, both easy to pick up and put down

Big Brain Academy is similar if not better than Brain Training.

if you get a TTDS i can get you links for playing films and also a link for the software to convert films to play on the DS plus you wana get yourself a 8gb sdhc a 4gb fills up fast............
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