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    i think i might buy this laptop but im not sure what graphics card it has as i cant find its spec anywhere, can anyone help also what is the best processor you can get and is this one decent?


    Apparently it has a NVIDIA GeForce 7150M integrated graphics chip (according to a quick search on google).
    What do you mean by "the best processor you can get"? The best one you can get in a laptop?

    This is probably it:…KEN

    Looks a reasonable price if you want a 17" widescreen. Not very portable, though.

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    well tht seems like a decent graphics card and by processor i mean whats the difference between the on in this one and others like core 2 duo and dualcore etc.

    Personally id go for one of the Dell Laptop deals that pop-up frequently on here, mine was less than the refurbished one linked and offers overall the same sort of spec overall, the differences being mine has 40 gig more on the HD but no webcam integrated, the graphics appear to be an integrated chipset that most budget end laptops come with.

    Id say its OK for the price but not a great deal as its a refurbished model, whereas the same spec can be got NEW for the same price range (maybe a little less) by shopping around

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    ino i was just looking i have to wait until i get paid but unless i see another deal come up i will probably go for this, everytime i go on the dell website it ends up costing 400 plus for a basic spec

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    any info on the best processor around?

    I wouldnt buy that. If you've got 500 - 600 to spend look on the Dell website Can get intel core 2 duo 2.4 ghz and 3 Gb ram can upgrade to 4gb plus a 250gb hard drive. Can upgrade graphics card too

    Mine has a 2.33 GHz Core 2 Duo with 4mb cache which I guess isn't that bad.
    The top spec Dell XPS M1730 has a 2.50 GHz Core 2 Duo with 6mb cache but it costs crazy money.

    Core 2 Duo is faster than a single core processor but if you're on a budget then you'll have to make do with a single core. I'm not sure about AMD processors these days too, I'd probably lean towards Intel as AMD are falling behind in the race against Intel.

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    ok thanks for the info guys
    all i need to do now is sell my asus eee pc to raise funds
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