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Hi guys I'm on three network (not the greatest I know!) but I just got a great upgrade deal, but I want to buy a jailbroken iPhone but I have two questions 1 would a three sim work on the iPhone and 2 if I brought one on here or eBay can I still get it insured??? Any help would be great cheers


You would have to unlock the iPhone to get it to work on three, then unlocking the phone would void all insurance and warrantys.

Yeah your 3 sim will work no probs if you buy an unlocked/jailbroken iphone.

Yeah you will be able to insure it no problem, and your warranty if it comes with one will also be ok as long as you reset the iphone back to factory settings before sending it back.

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cheers for the posts so far guys. Anyone on three that has a iPhone and not had any problems yet?

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