Infocus project, laptop, s-video and playing DVD's (no images)


    I've connected up my laptop to that Infocus N1 projector using an s-video lead.

    Although the image is quite coarse, everything seems fine until I try to play a DVD. the DVD plays on the laptop but I just get a black image where the movie should be.

    This seems to happen on both VLAN and Windows media player.

    I can't remember off the top of my head but I think it may be doing it to MPGs too. However oddly, the projector seems fine when I play an MPG using Quicktime.

    Anyone any idea what the problem is?


    Have you tried pressing the function key and F4 this toggles the display between, laptop, projector and both, hope this helps thanks

    Original Poster

    I think it might be the lead I'm using. A 4 pin S-video lead.
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