Information for anyone with Premium Bonds.

    Yesterday I tried to cash in some bonds, they've always made a big thing about how easy they are to buy and cash in.

    It turns out they changed the system at the end of last year. You now have to summit a form by post to get a password to access any kind of funds transfer (they, of course, being a Government agency didn't bother to tell anyone about this).

    I sent an email to their CS dept about this and received a reply late last night.

    If submitting a via the post wasn't bad enough, they tell me that they are currently running 4 to 5 WEEKS behind in processing them !
    You can't do anything other than checking you've won without this new password.

    So, if any of you have bonds and are thinking about needing the funds any time soon I'd get the from from the link below and get it sent off or you'll have a long wait...…pdf


    It's all online now! don't even need certificates! thanks for info.

    thanks for the heads up

    cashed in two loads recently (within the last two months) - no issues at all, as quick as they've ever been.
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