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Found 19th Dec 2017
Hi fellow HUKDers,
I was just wondering which websites, free online courses etc there are to learn on how to build computers as I am very interested in this but do not know where to start. I would like to build a mid tier gaming pc soon.

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I built my own a few years ago, and found this really useful…ide

Toms hardware is really good too.
Thank you very much
Will start reading right away

Wealth of knowledge on that site, a some good guides as well. You can put your own pc together on a list and it will tell you of any compatibility issues with the parts and the cheapest place to find them
Cheers. Appreciate the help. Will check it out.
Agree with above posts. The first key point is to ensure you have components that work together uk part picker can help with that. Second is just making sure you earth yourself before handling the parts. Third is putting it together correctly (there are plenty of guides on the net) most stuff is plug and play these days. Fourth is getting the OS (windows) on and software installed. Make sure you have drivers to hand or another computer/laptop incase you have problems getting online.

Once you have built one, you will never buy a prebuilt one again!!
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Get old computer, take it apart, put it together again. Then wonder why anyone thinks it's difficult.
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