Information re airtime credit bought with phone please

Found 19th Jul 2009
I bought a phone from carphone warehouse last week after my contract mobile phone was playing up. I had to buy £10 airtime credit with it. Obviously I don't need it as I have a contract. It is all with vodaphone. Will they let me use this towards my bill?
I have been sent a sim card is it already on there or do I need to phone and get it put on?
Thanks for all your help
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You need to activate the sim and the credit will appear on in with in 72 hours (as a rule).
Don't know if Voda will allow you to transfer the credit, one some networks the payg system and the contract systems aren't linked.

If they will you'll need to register your new payg and set a password and security info as you need to clear a security check on the acc before they'll let you move credit (from payg to payg).
Thanks, I don't really want to register it as if they won't let me I'll try and sell it. It's pants having to buy credit when all you want is the phone!!!
I agree, having to buy credit is a pain... I doubt very much they'll be able to transfer anything if the sims not active. Until it's live the credit won't be there as the acc won't be live.
Selling the sim maybe the best option. . . (make sure none of your acc info is attached to it, if you bought it with a CC that might be logged on the system to top it up with).
As above I have heard of some people having security issues after selling sim cards as strange as it sounds.

It may be a better idea to keep the sim for a family member to use for roaming whilst on holiday this summer :gift:
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