information wanted on purchasing cappaccino vienetta

    Does anyone remember seeing in recent weeks CAPPACCINO Vienetta. My brother-in-laws mother has had some, loved it, but can't remember where she got it. I thought I'd enlist the help of the HUKD community to trace it. We are from the Birmingham area. I'm thinking if it wasn't any of the main supermarkets like Morrisons, Tesco, Sainsburys it was probably somewhere like Farm Foods, Iceland, Aldi, Lidl who have specials made for the Foreign Markets. I've probably not got computer access after tomorrow until 20th Sept - so please keep your eyes peeled and report back via this post which I will keep checking on. Thanks for any help in advance. I have emailed Walls for their help but thought HUKD community would actually more likely to know the answer!!!!!!



    and the award for the saddest post of the day goes to..................................




    makes a change from you being top of the ******* league



    i didn't realise this was a competition or point scoring forum! You … i didn't realise this was a competition or point scoring forum! You surely must be on the 'misc' tab to have answered so quick, so if my post is sad then your sad for commenting....I'm guessing you've no idea of the answer then!

    not sad

    tip for the day. learn to spell cupofcino and you might find the store selling it :-D:p



    One of your wannabe mod posts in the for sale forum?

    what a ******r! :whistling:


    Thanks - I thought so to.

    you'd best get off now and have another ***k to prove my point :-D:-D:-D
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