Infraction expired... can only contribute 1 or 0 degrees ? =(

    I used to be able to contribute 9 degrees of heat now it only seems to be giving 1.... I had an infraction of expiring something which was not working for me....

    Anyway now its expired i still only seem to be able to only contribute 1 degree of heat... any ideas why?


    cuz you've been bad?

    Mods may have limited your voting power.......

    brrrr you are a pilot light with 279 posts did you give out so much heat ?


    Boxrick, I'm looking into it for you now


    Boxrick, I'm looking into it for you now

    Do members get their voting power back as soon as the infraction is expired?
    Seems an odd way of doing it, would've thought that they'd have to earn it back again.

    I don't get that,why limit a users voting power,i don't see the point.


    Probably due to this … Probably due to this thread

    ah right thanks
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