Initial pendant

    I am searching of an initial white gold pendant. Does anyone know online shops which have such items at a discount?


    do u have a particular budget, fantasy?

    also it may matter what the letter is (funnily enough!!)

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    Sure. I am ready to spend at about £50. And I need letter N.

    How about a letter Z turned sideways?

    Don't know many people with a name starting with Z, you might pick up one cheap :-)

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    That's a good advice, but what about the hook. How shall I replace it to the proper side? :oops:

    Your right, change her name by deed pole to the cheapest letter you can find!

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    Searching on I found out two matching initial pendants by my criteria:
    one is on…htm and another one…tml.

    Help me, please :!:
    Which one will be better to choose for a gift? I can't make a choice only by myself.
    If you know any other jewelry online shops, which are offering white gold initial pendants not more than £50 I'll be glad to hear about.


    Personally, I like the second one.

    There's also a website here: Jewellry Shops Online might be worth looking through.

    Or go through QuidCo for others by searching for jewellery quite a few places show up and you could earn cashback too.

    i prefer the 2nd one too.

    but i guess you have to think about the person who you're buying it for tho. which would they prefer?

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    Thanks, rayman. I went through QuidCo and Jewellery Shops Online, but my search wasn't very successful. At last I sought trough yahoo - shopping
    and guess what?…antJust take a look...

    I think to get in tuch with Diamonds UK…tml
    The pendant is looking nice and it is at a very good price - just £39. I hope they have a letter N
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