ink refills ??

    hi i was just wondering if the ink refill kits you can get are worth it or is it just as economical in the long run to buy another cartridge,

    thanks in advance


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    Well doesnt using refills in the printer void any warranty you have?

    I went down the route of doing me own refills a couple of years ago and to be honest it was surprisingly non-messy and easy to do.

    But nowadays I've ditched it in favour of cheapy compatibles....I buy my cartridges for £1.89 each on the net ( Sure it is probably a little bit cheaper to buy the refill bottles, the syringes and squirt the ink in each cartridge yourself but like I said, the cheapness of the compatible cartridges these days makes me thing it's not worth the time or the effort.

    However, stop press! there is a system you can buy for most printers (Epson for sure) that is the ultimate in economy and time saving. It's called the continuous ink supply system (CISS) for example this is the one for my Epson r265 printer…340

    It only costs £1.39 per bottle and each bottle is equivalent to 7 full cartridges, now that's a big saving! and not nearly as time consuming as refilling yourself.

    Food for thought maybe.


    Well doesnt using refills in the printer void any warranty you have?

    Only if the manufacturer can prove that any fault you may have is a result of using compatible/refilled cartridges. :thumbsup:

    If doing your own refills check that you have the right ink for your printer. There are 2 types of ink, one is thicker than the other. If (like me:whistling: ) you put the wrong one in your printer you can clog up the print head.

    At least with compatibles you don't get this problem.

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    thanks ill check that website out.

    the way my kids print of stuff anything that will save me money in the long way will help towards what santa brings.

    thanks again
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