Inkjet printer (does CDs)

    Hi I'm after a reasonably priced Inkjet, it needs to be able to do all the regular inkjet stuff, it doesn't need to have a particularly amazing resolution or photo printing capability, since I think most inkjets are plenty good enough these days. borderless printing would be nice but that's mostly a given these days, and duple printing would be a plus but not required. It doesn't need to be multifunction since I have a perfectly good scanner, but I know most printers are these days so it only really matters if cost is a factor.

    The only musts is that it had CD printing, and has cheap compatible cartridges.

    I'd love something around the £30 mark, but would consider anything up to about £50.

    So if anyone knows of anything that fits the bill please let me know. Rep waiting for helpful replies.



    I use a HP Photosmart C5280 - it's a multifunction printer, but the quality of the disc printing is excellent. You can pick them up for around the £50 mark should you be looking for one.

    Epson do decent printers that also print direct to CD's
    Not sure the model number of the latest one but I had the R300 which was good and also Epson are cheap on compatible inks

    I've an Epson R265 that dose a good job on CD and cheap ink too.

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    Thanks, for the help so far, any more ideas keep them coming, I like to look of the R265, and it's cheap if you can find it cos it's outdated now, has been replaced by the R285 which also looks good for the job. and just about in my price range. The R300 is a bit too steep for me.

    Also I have about £60 of account credit coming from CDiscount (when the pull their fingers out) so was looking at this…tml which has £20 cashback at the moment, i think making it a bit of a bargain, what do you think?
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