Inkjet Printer wanted - Cheap running costs!


    Looking for a simple, cheap to run printer.

    The last two we've had were a Canon Pixma 1100 and a Canon Pixma 1300.

    Both cost me less than £20 each. But when it comes to refilling them...... going to cost me another £20 a time!

    The main printers I've got at home are the Brother DCP 115 - nice simple printer with cheap ink!

    Ideally I'd like something that used the same ink as the DCP115.

    So can anyone recommend a suitable brother printer, or another that is cheap to run?

    Any source - shop / online would be great!

    Many thanks



    I have an Epson R200. There are numerous printers in this range. Epson have very cheap compat ink refills.

    I would suggest Epson. :thumbsup:

    epsom printers are provbaly the cheapest to refill, we quite often buy our ink in tesco, check them out as they are a very good price, and also very convienant.

    not brother and probably not the cheapest refill-wise but Argos is doing one for £19.99 - cheaper than a new cartridge for most printers.


    Buy another Canon Pixma 1100

    I have posted the same kind of thread at one time.

    You will not get cheaper to run printer then the Canon Pixma 1100

    After a much searching and requests into other types of printers

    The conclusion was there is no cheaper or better cost running.

    1 x Black 1 x Colour for the 2 Cartridges £2.50 + Free P+P…455

    Do you know where I can get a Canon Pixma 1100 as I have tried searching online but cant find one.
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