Inkjet Printer with Direct DVD Printing

Found 4th Jan 2010

Anyone able to find me a decent but not too expensive printer that can print directly to DVD's.

A bonus would also be cheap replacement ink cartridges!

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i got the epson px700w
Just had a look at prices for it and its above my limit sadly.

My max max budget would be 100£, but even then that is a stretch. Looks like a cracking printer.

Keep suggestions coming though

it maybe expensive but the prints are great and refills are only 79p each, i have found that buying a cheap printer can be expensive in the long run as the inks are normally expensive
Hum, 79p each for refills?

Where from? You able to send me a PM with a link or just post here.

If thats the case i'll try keeping an eye out for a decent priced one.
i get them from [url]www.ukdvdr.co.uk[/url]
they varey from 79p to 99p, i just watch the site till they are cheap and but about 20

at the moment they are doing the set of 6 for £5.22 so works out at 87p each
Cool, well that does look good to me.

Had a quick skim on the net and most places seem to be out of stock for that printer and its far to expensive on Amazon.

I'll be keeping an eye on ebay i suppose.

If anyone has any other recommended printers then feel free to suggest!
i got ours from pcworld, it was about £149, but it is wireless and bluetooth, completely seperate paper tray like a photocopier, if you get one you must make sure you buy the generation six inks as these are the only ones that work

look here

Was on Okobe earlier, but they are out of stock for now it seems.

eBay it'll be for now!
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