Inline drinking water filters, anyone got one?

Found 13th Aug 2010
I live in a hard water area and we filter all our drinking water through a Brita jug. I was thinking about fitting an inline filter to the kitchen tap so I have filtered water on tap.

Along the lines of this, but not neccessarily that one…tml

Has anyone done this and if so is it as good as the filter jugs.

Any advice would be most aprreciated.
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That is VERY dear, and I dont like the idea that you "cut your tapipes and push it into the middle of it"

Here's a PROPER water filter kit for under £20…349
all you need to buy is the 2 connections that go into it, cut the pupe fit the connections and screw them into the filter housing

Or if you want proper drinking water from a tap and dont want to cut any pipes, use this…349
£29.98 and its got its own tap you simply put on the sink by drilling a small hole. No cutting of your water pipes and you have your own dedicated tap with drinking water.
^^^ Thank you.
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