Innocent motorists ticketed by traffic warden who couldn't tell time

    A traffic warden was caught ticketing innocent motorists - because he couldn't tell the time.

    He used a calculator to work out the expiry time of Dave Alsop's ticket, without realising the device worked in decimals and not minutes and hours.

    Mr Alsop, 29, parked near Torquay harbour, Devon, at 2.49pm and paid £1.20 for 75 minutes, covering him until 4.04pm.

    But when he returned at 3.41pm, he discovered a £50 fine on his car. He found the warden and showed him the parking ticket, which clearly had time left on it.


    What a p l o n k e r!

    He had to use a calculator? He needs to go back to school.

    I always seem to get the shop assistants who went to the same school that this bloke must have gone to!!! If it comes to £5.10 and you give em a £10 note and 10p they struggle to work out that they just need to give you £5 back!!!:thinking:

    The only difference between intelligence and stupidity is that stupididy has no bloody limits!

    Oops...all the more worrying that the warden attempted to defend it!


    I can't believe be received 'additional training' instead of his marching orders. What a dummy!

    But who employed him.
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