innotab 3s language settings?

Posted 18th Dec 2015
Random question but hoping for some advice if anyone has encountered the same problem! Bought an innotab 3s as a Christmas gift (a lot earlier in the year on offer), go to finally set it up today and it's in German? There seems to be no language settings or any advice anywhere to help me!
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You can factory reset using the below, I do not know if this will solve your problem as after having a read of a few posts the common conjecture is that it is set to the country purchased from. A lot of Canadians moaning about switching it to french.

Touch the Settings icon to edit your profile name, set a
profile picture, record a greeting message, set desktop
wallpaper, change camera photo size, check memory
usage, delete game records, lock content from deletion
and view the InnoTab® 3 firmware version number.
Register your InnoTab® 3 on Learning LodgeTM to obtain a
registered license for the onboard content and software.
To ensure that your tablet has been registered, go to the
About menu in the Settings menu in your InnoTab® 3.
You will see the license type listed as "Trial" until your
InnoTab® 3 is registered on Learning LodgeTM.
TIP: You can reset the tablet to factory settings by typing R-E-S-E-T into
the My Name profile in Settings.
Warning: Any data saved in internal memory will be lost. Data saved in
a mircoSD card (not included) will not be affected by resetting the table
Thankyou for your reply, we have tried the RESET advice that seemed to be the only thing hay came up to try on the Internet. Still switched back on in German, very strange as bought from Asda in hull!
I have emailed Vtech just awaiting reply from them but like you said very little information about language settings. I appreciate your time to help/look for me Thankyou!
From reading a few forums it appears (Though I may not be correct) that the language is built into the firmware the device was originally flashed with. They do have a firmware update guide on there website maybe follow that (if you can figure out abit of german on the device!) and see if it looks for the UK or DE firmware.
Update: Guess ignore that website is down!

"Due to a breach of security on our Learning Lodge website, we have temporarily suspended access to the site. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the cyber attack and appreciate your patience while we work to ensure the security of the VTech Learning Lodge. Until Learning Lodge is available, select game cartridges may not function properly with InnoTab and InnoTV. This is due to the inability to access Learning Lodge for software updates. We are working to expediently resolve the security issues and restore Learning Lodge service. Once Learning Lodge is available, cartridge functionality will be restored. Should you have any additional questions, please contact us at"
Appreciate your time Thankyou for looking and replying.
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