INQ Chat 3G

    Got a few questions about the INQ Chat 3G. So I'm going to fire away.
    1) Can the phone be unlocked?
    2) Will the iSmartSim work in the phone, to "unlock " it?
    3) Any user opinions on the phone?
    Any useful info will result in some rep

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    I can only reply to question number 3 (although researching on the unlocking possibility)
    I have had the INQ Chat for 2 weeks now with 3 and I am happy with it.
    It is not a blackberry but if you don't expect it you won't be disappointed.
    I love being always reachable with Skype, the audio quality i found it very good. Sometimes it looses connection so it feels like you have to refresh it but this never happend during a call.

    One of the coolest features is that all your contacts (skype-facebook-phone-msn-twitter) can be merged so for 1 person you have 1 entry with all the info and you can choose which means of contact you want to use.

    The iNQ chat comes with a battery charger which consist of a USB-minni USB cord (the ones you use for cameras) to which it is a attached a plug. THis means you can recharge your phone from you pc in case you forget the cable or don't have it handy.

    It has a PC Suite which allows to see all your contacts, messages, files on the phone and modify them and transfer them from th ephone. They say it is not an advanced one but if you have never had one you can be very impressed. For one thing, you can change your contacts using the pc and not the keyboard of the phone.

    The keyboard is nice though.

    On the bad points, I don't seem to be able to install fring so I can't use other VOIP softwares but maybe it is just me.
    Also it doesn't come with a cover so the screen gets a bit scratchy (probably a bit more than other phones I had in the past).

    With a unlimited internet option available at 3, I feel I can always check internet and facebook and the rest. Plus there are some nice apps to send sms internationally at very very competitive rates (6cents per message on mundosms)

    I hope to find out about the unlocking thing as I have jsut discovered that even with a 3 SIM card from a different country it is not accepted. I hoped it owuld being both 3.
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