Insane spec on laptop - real ??

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Found 3rd Jan 2011

I know it's ebay, but look at this laptop.

The spec looks absolutely unreal....especially for a LAPTOP.

Anyone care to explain what is going on? That thing would last 2 mins without a mains adaptor, surely???

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Muahahahaha! You think it can handle Solitaire?

Which specs in particular? The 3GB video ram is nonsense - its shared ram - the only thing 'unusual' is the 16GB ram (which to be honest isn't going to be all that useful at the moment anyway).


Deviltech HellMachine DTX is far better

you got a link then

Nice Laptop but not better than the laptop I tried to sell on here.

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The specs are wrong, it's most likely a 1gb GPU pulling extra memory from the ram.

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I know that, but I'm pretty sure it still can't use that much, and if it … I know that, but I'm pretty sure it still can't use that much, and if it could it's a waste of time as it's a low end anyway.

agreed, still pretty good for a laptop, but the pricetag doesn't seem worth it. As i said, i'm not interested in it, but a family member has bought it and i feel like he's wasted his money.

Having all that Ram is over-kill & most of the ram will never be used.

I checked it out at Dell, and the spec's actually legit, including the 3GB video memory. It seems to provide about an 8% performance improvement in Vantage against the 1GB version, too. Nifty stuff.

These systems are not Due in Stock until 20th January


Didnt think you could sell things that were not in stock??
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