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My brother is a manager at a Currys store & he explained that the price you see in store can tell you a couple of things about the product.

If the price is a whole number (for example £300) the product is a new product and is not going to be withdrawn any time soon.

If the price is a number with . 99 on the end (for example £299.99) the company has a central stock of these but will not be restocking when these are gone.

If the price is a number with . 98 or .97 on the end (for example £299.98 or £299.97) the company has no cenral stock of these and the only units left are the ones in the stores. These are undesireable stock and are the ones that you can make a reasonable offer for that will more than likely be accepted.

I hope this helps somebody!


not a deal, should be in misc

I'd be very surprised if 95% of members didn't already know this

I'm in the 5% that didnt know - handy info...thanks

thanks for taking the time to share your information:thumbsup:

Thanks for the info. I didn't know about the whole number / 99p thing.

I'm not knocking the info, just that quite often posts in the deals section mention "the 97p thing" at electrical stores.

I didnt know this either, handy though. I'm gonna go in there and see if I can haggle some bargains, will keep you all updated lol.


I'm not knocking the info, just that quite often posts in the deals … I'm not knocking the info, just that quite often posts in the deals section mention "the 97p thing" at electrical stores.

well i have never seen it so thanks op:thumbsup:

thankyou for the info. i'm in the 5% that didn't know. does this just apply to currys or are there other retailers that do this? x

So if its £299.97, for eg, you can haggle away?? I heard aswell that the sales staff can offer upto 10% discrtionary discount on any item?

i didnt know either thanks

Wow I am checking the price in future !

thanks - didnt know


didnt know, great!

Im surprised there are some people that still didnt know this.

Never had a clue about that. Thanks for the info.

Me either-thanks for the information.

thanx, people out there who have this kind of info pleaaaaaaase put it up on the forums, dont assume every body knows what could be common knowledge.
to assume makes an ASS out of U and ME.
thanx, repped:thumbsup:

I'm part of an ever expanding 5%!!!
Thanks dslp, it's a neat bit of info.

Thanks. I didn't have a clue about this.

its a bit specific to currys , i work in the same sector and it would be different for us

none of our stock has a price rounded to the nearest pound (£200)

.99 means its a current product and can be haggled to quite an extreme of priced matched mark up on a .99 product can be anything from 15-100% and stock is plenty

.98 means its a stock item but stock is low and there my be a chance stock will be hard to replenish so much lesser reductions available

.88 is clereance price and has been reduced to clear and very hard to get more off but if its a really old product the will take a loss to get shot

this is specific to the shop work for but a small indication to how it works , wont say who i work for but make sure when buying ur electrical goods to speak to a management team or supervisor because the sales staff always have to ask them and why go through 2 ppl :-D

happy shopping hope it helps

Come on ridgerama spill it!


Come on ridgerama spill it!

ha ha nope , its an indepedant all i will say :thumbsup:

useful info, I didn't know that either.

very useful thanks o.p well worth posting - had no idea about this.
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