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    I'm sorting out my birthday long weekend away based around going away 3nights either thurs-sun or fri-mon around the 2nd 3rd July. Theres 8 lasses all based near Newcastle and I dont want us to spend more than £150 incl transport there and back. Ive done York, Edinburgh, Leeds, Sheffield and want summin interesting yet alcohol involved.

    Has anyone got any ideas, Butlins Bognor is about £200 and Magalluf is £280 soooo far too much

    please help!!!!!!!!!!


    How about my house ;-)

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    I'm really after ideas of where to go as dont want same old same old


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    hmmmm Nottingham could be canny, any recommendations on where to stay?

    We did it for Hen night from Durham Stayed in a travelodge, 2 rooms (fits for £80 (£10 each) which leaves the rest for train tickets, or hire a mini bus like we did. Is budget £150 each or all in?

    some people like Blackpool - but I don't

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    do travel lodge do rooms for 4 adults? thoguht it was just 3 or was it 3 and squeeze a forth in lol ha ha!!

    Its a double bed and a double sofa bed....we always do it....just say its for 3 adults each room, then when ya book in 6 go to the room, the other 2 get a text saying we are in room 236 etc its safe to come up LOL!

    Whitley Bay......then you can go home each day for breakfast??

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    Fab - its £60 a night which is spot on when four in a room, premier travel inn is £55 a night for two. Saying that four girls in one bathroom isnt best idea when getting ready!!!!

    Any other ideas??

    The budget is £150 each not all in but obv the cheaper the better as I dont want to make cost a reason not to go

    try Dublin, Aer lingus and ryannair do cheap flights.
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