Inspiron 1520 C2D T7500 - 2.2 Ghz - 160GB - 2048 Mb

    Well I just got this delivered today but couldnt resist getting the XPS yesterday so wondering how much you guys think I can get for this if I decide to keep the XPS instead (not for offer just yet - just trying to decide if I should opt for the XPS). It hasnt even been powered on yet lol. Thanks in advance all

    Inspiron 1520 CORE 2 DUO T7500 2.20GHz,800,4M
    15.4 Widescreen WXGA+ (1440x900) TFT Display
    160 GB (5,400 rpm) Sata HD
    2048MB 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM (2x1024)
    8X DVD+/- RW Drive
    65W AC Adapter
    Integrated GMA X3100
    Intel 3945 WLAN Mini-Card EUR
    Primary 9-cell 85WHr Li-Ion Battery
    Jet Black Colour with Matte Finish & 2.0mp camera
    MS Vista Home Premium
    Creator / MYDVD 9.0
    Image Restore
    Internal 56K Modem
    Microsoft Works 8


    dunno how much you'll get, but the xps is a keeper. My m1330 is my baby, and I love it! I just missed getting the m1530 yesterday for my dad - in rush forgot to submit the order!!

    Original Poster

    Yeah - thats m original thinking

    Maybe Ill just end up swapping the 6 cell to the 9 cell - assuming its fairly easy to do - and sell the Inspiron

    Original Poster

    Any of the laptop connaisseurs willing to kindly give me a general idea - M thx
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