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    Got an Inpspiron 531 from Dell Outlet, with onboard graphics. When connected via VGA to 50" 1080i HDTV it will only display as 4:3. Think its 1024x768. Wondering why this is the case. Is it because onboard graphics card will not be up to the job, or do I just need to connect using DVI (with an HDMI addaptor) to TV?

    Here's the tech details…dhs

    If I need a new graphics card, will I need to replace PSU - I'm not a gamer?


    depends on on-board vga chipset, think so far only nvidia do what you want which is to run screen at 1360*768, obviously havn't tested every single board in existance but have sampled a few.
    On board graphics require the main bios to support this res its not just down to drivers best so far is nvforce 6100,7100 main boards
    if it has been programmed in u need to look in display properties-adapter, click the box to "display all modes"
    and check in it goes to this on your slider.
    Think next best res is 1280*720 @reasonable quality

    What resolutions are listed in display properties at the moment? Are there any widescreen ones?

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    Thanks guys ...There are widescreen options, but only those of lower resolution allow me to keep 60Hz.

    Additionally having found the tv manual it says:

    Input signals
    Video signal:
    Native/Upscale: SDTV/EDTV (480i/480P) (576i/576P)
    HDTV (1080i/720P)
    PC signal:
    Native/Upscale : VGA 640 x 480, SVGA 800 x 600,
    XGA 1024 x 768

    So it looks like I'm stuck with 4:3. I'll have to get a video card. Any suggestions for connecting to my HDMI (1080i/720p) HDTV. Gaming not a consideration so not looking to stretch the budget.
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