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    I have just installed instagram on my mobile and created a new account using my main email address.
    I also added couple of my close family living in UK, PL...'like'd couple of their pictures, selfies etc.

    All is normal but then i realized that one of the suggested contacts was a photographer in grenada. The only connection to this guy was couple of email exchanges and he definitely is not on my facebook or phonebook. He is not famous enough to appear on a front page as a random celebrity and i only got 4-5 connections yet. i am really puzzled by this situation. How can instagram link me to that person??? I couldnt care less about an instagram suggestion but i am worried about my email security now...the only place this person's name appears is my email inbox/outgoing folders. Maybe i automatically gave them permission to access my email contact list by signing the t&c. But again i never added his email or phone to any contact lists

    Has anyone had similar issues? Where do you think instagram get the name?


    Definitely linked to email or to the people you are connected with (if they are connected to them)
    Make sure you set account as private

    You might not be linked to him but he might have YOUR number/email in his address book or something and so it links you that way.

    Instagram is not really about connections like Facebook.
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