Install Microsoft 365 on up to 6 devices if your child uses Microsoft Office 365 at school

Posted 25th Jun
This won't be available for everyone but I work at a school who use Microsoft 365 and lots of students and parents are unaware that the Microsoft 365 full desktop suite can be installed on up to 6 devices by each child that uses the Microsoft 365 platform.

With many schools migrated to Microsoft, hopefully this will help someone who wasn't aware.

Just login to the portal (what your child would do to see their email) and you will see the option to install Office.
Remember, they probably won't have an @microsoft email address it will often be their school name in the email address.

Can be used on mobile devices, tablets, etc - just download the Microsoft 365 app and sign in with the student email address and password.

Will stop working once student leaves school.
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Good reminder as most kids wont even bother to tell you they had an email, well at least mine didnt. Same goes for many university and colleges students, as said just log in using their email.
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